As the level expected of freestyle athletes increased rapidly towards the end of the 1990s, the need for a safe training platform grew stronger. In 2006 when professional freestyle athletes, Hollywood stuntmen and engineers exchanged know-how, the concept for the first true freestyle airbag was born.
As a result of the ongoing investment into the development, quality and safety of our products including the foam pit airbag, today we can proudly say that we have contributed to the success of Olympic gold medalists and the absolute elite in freestyle sports. We have created a safe training environment using our freestyle airbag for countless sports enthusiasts of all skill levels from complete beginners to professionals, both young and old.

We have created lifesaving safety systems for the most daring stunts extreme sports have seen and introduced the world to Freedrop®, making a fun sports trend all of our own. Today our freestyle airbags have become an integral part in the training program of professional athletes across the world. But equally as importantly our products are letting beginners and kids let go of their fears and safely attempt jumps they previously only could dream of. Only time will tell what the BAGJUMP™ generation will achieve!

At BAGJUMP™ we recognize the ethical obligation we have towards our customers and the end users of our products. As a result we make absolutely no compromise on quality and have an unblemished safety record to prove it. We strive to offer seamless customer service providing our customers with professional consultation and ongoing support regardless of their requirements. Our experience working with the most demanding athletes, brands and companies in world has helped us to gain the knowhow required to become the world’s leading freestyle airbag manufacturer and a partner that you can rely on.



“I love BJ” is not just our slogan but the way we feel about our company and our products. BAGJUMP™ is a labour of love and something that was founded and continued on that basis. Like anything you love it is important for us to cherish it, protect it, help it, develope it and share it!