What a show! The Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi have unfortunately come to an end but we are proud to announce that all the top ranked athletes in the Freestyle disciplines have been training with BAGJUMP™ freestyle airbags. Similar to foam pits in trampoline parks or gymnastics the BAGJUMP™ has become a mandatory training tool for athletes to succeed at this level. Not only does it allow athletes to train more challenging and technical aerial maneuvers but it allows them to heavily reduce the risk of injury. BAGJUMP™ big airbags are not only popular in the professional snowboarding and skiing scene, but can also be used by beginners and intermediates. It’s magical I would say’ commented the excited gold medalist Sage Kotsenburg at a pre-Sochi training session on the Monster energy airbag in park city. GoPro and Shaun White have travelled as far as Australia to set up a private half pipe with a fully GoPro branded freestyle airbag at the base of the halfpipe, while Red Bull riders were able to learn new tricks on the Red Bull branded Vert airbag in New Zealand. Half pipe gold medalist Youri Podlatchikov and silver medalist Ayumu Hirano also learned their medal winning tricks in the Monster Energy Vert freestyle airbag at Mammoth Mountain earlier in the season. Again we congratulate all riders and are looking forward to see the progression made by 2018!