The Empower Training Center at the Mercedes Benz Sport park in Kitzbühel, Austria has been training athletes to reach their goals and realize their potential for years. Andreas Winkler, the owner of Empower combines mental coaching, performance coaching, sports psychology and a number of innovative training techniques to help his athletes succeed in their various disciplines.

Andreas Winkler didn’t need much time to recognize the potential of the NIP Foam Pit Airbag as a training tool for his athletes. This year “Sky Jump” opened its gates to the public – Using the otherwise unused roof space of his facility in Kitzbühel, Empower have built a jump tower with several different jumping platforms for a number of activities centered around the BAGJUMP NIP Foam Pit Airbag.

The NIP Foam Pit Airbag was designed to provide a smart alternative to traditional foam pits. The Foam Pit Airbag retains all the advantages of a foam pit but eliminates the disadvantages such as bad hygiene, dust, high maintenance costs, replacing foam pit cubes, fluffing foam, high labor costs etc. The foam pit airbag has ended the need for gyms and sports facilities like Empower to replace their old foam pit foam, creating a clean and hygienic set-up for training athletes and ultimately having a lot of fun.

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