How to make a foam pit! Making a foam pit, getting stuck in a foam pit, replacing foam pit cubes, looking for foam suppliers and cleaning a foam pit are now issues that we no longer have to deal with! Why? Because BAGJUMP Action Sports GmbH have a better alternative – The NIP Foam Pit Airbag.


• Super soft, super safe landings and superior functionality (gradual impact absorption rather than sudden impact absorption as with foam)

• No need to replace foam

• No on-going costs for maintenance, cleaning and man power

• No unwanted dust in your sports facility • No hygiene and health concerns

• No fire hazard • Quick exit and very high jump frequency (up to 6 jumps/minute)

• Simultaneous landings possible

• No catapulting effect • Can be fitted into existing foam pits

• Can be moved around for training on different set-ups

• Designed for both indoor and outdoor facilities

If you want an easy, hygienic alternative to Foam pits then please follow this links: