The 2014/15 winter season is about to start and top Snowboarders and Free skiers from around the world such as Seppe Smits (BEL), Oystein Braaten (NOR), Nick Goepper (USA) or Spencer O’Brien (CAN) have found their way to the Stubai Glacier in Austria for the Prime Park Sessions. Training with the BAGJUMP Ample 15x15m is a key element for professional athletes to get a smooth and injury free start into the new season. With the Bagjump freestyle airbag they can start where they left off last season gaining a huge advantage for the first competitions of the year and getting back in mental and physical shape quicker and risk free. The Stubaizoo Snow Park at the Stubai Glacier groomed and built by Schneestern is in pristine conditions and the ideal training ground for all teams. While double and triple corks are becoming a standard for all the pros, it is still important to get enough practice on these highly technical and risky snowboard freestyle tricks. The BAGJUMP airbag acts like a giant, transportable foam pit providing the athletes with the ultimate training platform for a smooth start to the season.


Special thanks to Stefan Cerwenka Photography