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Our jump tower is a well known attraction by now. A fun activity for all age groups- from the young grommets taking their first leaps up to the thrill seeking adult gathered in one place. You don’t need to split up families. They can have fun and enjoy your attraction without being separated

Of course all jump towers will be customized to your venue to get the best out of them.

The centrepiece is our NIP airbag. Easy to set up and transport. Patented technology inside to avoid catapult effect on multiple impacts while providing the same soft landing allover the surface. Sizewise the bag will be adapted to your needs.

The tower will be tailored to your needs, if it is only one platform or even 5. Wooden or scaffold contruction with stairs and drop platforms fullfilling all safety regulations. You want to build your own tower or want to get a turn key solution with everything supplied by us? We offer different packages according to your needs and budget.

An inflatable Tower version for more versatility is available too. Perfect match for companies travelling from event to event.


The tubing slide jump is a fun attraction for the thrill seeking client. Jumps can be built for Kids and adults alike. The airbag size will be adapted to your jump size with the available terrain inclination to provide a safe landing area. Going down the inrun on a tubing ring does not require any skills and is a fun activity anyone can do.

We can provide a wooden or scaffold built contruction, or even use existing landscape to build the inrun. Again you can choose to do that on your own according to our design and calculation or choose an all inclusive package including all TUEV certifications.

Getting back depending on your location and needs. From a regular path over stairs to a conveyor belt, we got it all covered for you.

If you want to stay mobile. An inflatable inrun version is available with included sidewalls to keep everybody safe and on track.


The ‘Trampoline Airbag Station’ combines two of the most exciting activities in one- making it an even more enjoyable customer experience. Jumping on a trampoline or onto an airbag independently is already lots of fun, but when combined you more than double the joy. Instead of jumping on a trampoline statically for several minutes the TAS offers a very soft landing surface allowing jumpers to safely practice new manoeuvres onto. As an operator this allows you to use the available space more economically by allowing a flow through the attraction with jumpers hopping a few times until they launch into the airbag and then walk around to get back in line.  This allows you to sell more tickets in the same amount of time. As a jumper on a trampoline alone you reach a plateau fairly quickly where trying new manoeuvres comes with a high risk of injury. Now having a soft airbag to jump into the fun can continue and you can safely progress your skills or just enjoy the soft landings. And as any kid can attest- there is nothing greater than landing in a huge soft pillow!

The TAS can be used indoors or outdoors as a permanent or portable setup, all year round.


The attraction is fully brandeable on all parts. Airbag top sheet and sidewalls as well as side planks or netting on the trampoline, all parts of the jump tower and the slide. We have a large selection of available colours and can offer full colour sublimation printed or handpainted logos, so your brand will always be visible right where the action is happening. This attraction is sure to catch peoples attention and is a gathering spot for spectators.


BAGJUMP™ airbag systems are fully manufactured in the European Union to the highest safety and quality standards and are built with hard wearing high-performance materials. All products are TUV certified and have been tested to the limits by the worlds best athletes. Every BAGJUMP™ airbag is delivered with an installation and training course to ensure that your staff is fully trained and ready for safe operations. Years of experience in the use of our products and different setup options will be passed on to your staff.


We offer permanent or replaceable branding for our products. Depending on the part of the airbag you wish to be brenaded we can offer full color digital print for detailed designs or hand-painting for durability. It is very easy and inexpensive to change the appearance of your airbag.