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If it’s your first small jumps or the perfection of double backflips. The BAGJUMP™ NIP bike airbags are the right tool to progress at any level.
If you are forced to slam your trick or willing to land wheels down, no problem, we got it all covered. The spread out landing zones of a NIP bag will keep you safe or give you the flexibility to ride out your trick. With a technology like that, we provide you a mental backup on one side and the perfect landing feedback, to take it to soil, on the other.
BAGJUMP™ NIP airbags come in custom built sizes and a reduced weight as a result of using only high tech materials. Because of that you can move your bag around wherever your want to take it and expand your take off variations on different jumps by just simply widening the gap.
Or even better, get a mobile ramp and build up your training facility wherever you want/need to. No inrun? Take a winch..problem solved. This combination is loved by dirtbikers doing shows around the world. Always have your own take offs, your own inrun and your safe landing.


BAGJUMP™ NIP bike airbags can be used in a lot of ways as a bike training tool.

  • Dirt flat bag
  • Mobile set up “flat” or “angled”
  • Dirt angled landing combined with our inflatable wedges to keep it safe.
  • Drop zone, for your very first little drops, just in case, to be safe


If you are a bike pro user and really want to step up your game with a lot of airtime, you might want to choose on of our bigger sized BAGJUMP™  airbags. This will give you a much larger landing area so you can just go mental with ramps that launch you to the moon. You have the option to go as far as Cam Zink in his training for the Mammoth flip. Just make sure you aim right! Professional bikers like Jed Mildon, James Foster, Steve McCann and Danny MacAskill trust in the safety of our products.


BAGJUMP™ airbag systems are fully manufactured in the European Union to the highest safety and quality standards and are built with hard wearing high-performance materials. All products are TUV certified and have been tested to the limits by the worlds best athletes. Every BAGJUMP™ airbag is delivered with an installation and training course to ensure that your staff is fully trained and ready for safe operations. Years of experience in the use of our products and different setup options will be passed on to your staff.


We offer permanent or replaceable branding for our products. Depending on the part of the airbag you wish to be brenaded we can offer full color digital print for detailed designs or hand-painting for durability. It is very easy and inexpensive to change the appearance of your airbag.