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One of the most exciting fears to conquer is the fear of heights. Who didn’t dare to find the highest rock to jump from into a lake as a kid or try to do the highest jump into the pool? Now you can take the fun of jumping off heights to your event or facility, with the safety of a great BAGJUMP™ airbag system to stay risk free and offer an exciting and adrenaline-releasing activity for your guests. Our airbag systems have been successfully tested up to heights of 60m (200ft) by our professional team. We offer the worlds best and safest airbags for this activity with our patented impact absorption systems.


BAGJUMP™ airbags are a great marketing tool to convey your own or your sponsors message in a very impressive and visual manner. BAGJUMP™ airbags offer up to 300 m2 of impressive brandable space, as well as the option of additionally branding the jump tower or scissor lift itself to receive the maximum exposure. The BAGJUMP™ airbags draw crowds from far away and are a gathering place for people to hang out and watch the exciting action. Jumpers themselves connect their very emotional and positive experience of overcoming their fear of heights with the sponsors presented on the BAGJUMP™. Social media distribution is guaranteed as friends and other viewers will take photos of this unique event activity and upload them on the various social media platforms, which will potentiate your marketing value.


BAGJUMP™ airbags a great attraction for your event setup. You can either jump into it from a fixed platform (usually a scaffold tower) or a scissor lift. Music festivals usually have very few exciting things to do at daytime. With BAGJUMP™ Freedrop you have an exciting activity, which allows people to face their fears of heights and get the thrill of a lifetime. The BAGJUMP™ area is always a great gathering place where people come to sit and hang out to watch the spectacle of others leaping off a tower. It draws people from far away. If you saw someone stepping off a 10m (33ft) platform wouldn’t you walk over to see what is happening there?


With the level in vert snowboarding and skiing becoming extraordinarily high, the risks involved are immense. We have worked with pro riders to develope a unique training tool which simulates the sloped landing of a vert wall. Windells summer camp, Red Bull, Monster Energy and the chinese national team are amongst the happy few to own this giant airbag specially built for vert training. Our regular pro level airbags can be used for vert training as well and are the weapon of choice for riders like Shaun White, Iouri Podlatchikov and Kevin Rolland.


BAGJUMP™ airbag systems are fully manufactured in the European Union to the highest safety and quality standards and are built with hard wearing high-performance materials. All products are TUV certified and have been tested to the limits by the worlds best athletes. Every BAGJUMP™ airbag is delivered with an installation and training course to ensure that your staff is fully trained and ready for safe operations. Years of experience in the use of our products and different setup options will be passed on to your staff.


We offer permanent or replaceable branding for our products. Depending on the part of the airbag you wish to be brenaded we can offer full color digital print for detailed designs or hand-painting for durability. It is very easy and inexpensive to change the appearance of your airbag.