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At BAGJUMP™ we specialize in finding the right training solutions for the worlds extreme sports elite. We have developed numerous airbag systems, which helped to break world records and progress the sports to the next level. With BAGJUMP™ airbag training you will be progressing faster, be injured less and will push your own personal limits in the best way possible.


Our airbags are so durable, they can even withstand the impact of cars. You might have seen Travis Pastrana’s ‘Action Figures – the movie’, where a car was jumped more than 100ft far into one of our airbags. You can jump it far, jump it high or even try to flip it.


Are you sick and tired of training and getting stuck in your foam pit? Have you slammed hard on a resi-landing before? We offer airbag systems to fully replace your foam and stop getting stuck between cubes on a hot summer night. Or you can use our NIP landing systems, which can either be fully inflated as landing wedges, or laid onto a real dirt landing to give you a lifelike simulation you can crash into all day long, but also ride out your tricks.

Top riders like James Foster, Cam Zink, Danny MacAskill and Ethen Roberts are continuously pushing the limits with triple and even quad flips learnt and landed with our airbag systems.


In the sports of skiing and snowboarding competing at an international level is not possible anymore without training on BAGJUMP™ airbags, reducing the injury risk, maximizing the output and keeping you in the game. Airbag training is today’s formula of high level success. At BAGJUMP™ we have built specific airbags for big air training, halfpipe training and real landing simulations, which give you the perfect feedback for transferring a new trick to the snow successfully.

For years athletes like Shaun White, most national teams and brands like Red Bull and Monster Energy have been utilizing this form of training for their benefit.


Getting your parkour moves dialed can be pretty risky. The last years the level just went over the top. No matter if you want to gap two rooftops or just play safe while dropping a huge wall. BAGJUMP™  NIP airbags for parkour training can save you a lot of time on injuries and help you progress faster with the confidence of a soft landing. You basically have a mobile foampit you can take anywhere outside or move around inside your gym for whatever training you want to do right then. It is very easy to handle and super quick to set up.

Parkour legends like Damien Walters trust in the safety and ease of use of our products and continuously use them for gym training or to push limits outdoors.


We just need to say one thing- Travis Pastrana. Travis and the Nitro Circus crew amongst other athletes like Josh ‘Sheeny’ Sheehan and Tom Pages have started using BAGJUMP™ airbag landers instead of or additionally to their foam pits. FMX has reached a new level thanks to our partnership with these world class athletes, which brought to you the new BAGJUMP™ FMX airbag lander. You can ride out your tricks if you come wheels down, or you can walk out unscarred if you crash hard. These systems work equally well for triple backflip setups and learning your first advanced tricks.


We manufacture custom built and engineered high speed impact protection systems for motorsports events, where you are facing unwanted high speed impacts. At the Red Bull No Limits 2011 Levi Lavalee and Robbie Maddison jumped over 400ft across San Diego Bay. For their safety we built an airbag systems in front of the landing, which was tested for horizontal impacts with up to 180km/h in a motorcycle or


BAGJUMP™ airbag systems are fully manufactured in the European Union to the highest safety and quality standards and are built with hard wearing high-performance materials. All products are TUV certified and have been tested to the limits by the worlds best athletes. Every BAGJUMP™ airbag is delivered with an installation and training course to ensure that your staff is fully trained and ready for safe operations. Years of experience in the use of our products and different setup options will be passed on to your staff.


We offer permanent or replaceable branding for our products. Depending on the part of the airbag you wish to be brenaded we can offer full color digital print for detailed designs or hand-painting for durability. It is very easy and inexpensive to change the appearance of your airbag.