BAGJUMP™ is proud to be part of this Record breaking event at New Years Eve 2011 in San Diego. Levi Lavallee and Robbie Maddison going for a tandem world record jump over the San Diego Bay! Levi on his Snowmobile and Robbie with his Motocross jumping next to each other at breathtaking take-off speeds. Insane speeds with and even crazier gap over the water. RedBull hired BAGJUMP™ to built them the “Bagjump – LIP” The ultimate Landing Impact Protection for high speeds protecting the back wall of the landing for an unwanted impact in case the riders come short on their jump. This new patented innovation by BAGJUMP™ for impact protection is part of our new 2012 impact safety line with this one being the biggest steps forward in safety and protection for events and much more. Stay tuned for more!