Progression was the goal at the RedBull Snow Performance Camp where their elite team of Snowboarders and Skiers gathered for 10 days to work on new tricks assisted by professional coaches and physiotherapists!
The Park at SnowparkNZ, one of the rather famous resorts this world can offer, was in it’s best shape for the athletes private everyday use. Honestly, who gets to ride one of the best parks in the world for 10days private in a group of 25 of the best Snowboard and Ski athletes these days… Red Bull!
The camp had basically 4 main features the riders could practice on: An amazing triple jump pro-line, Olympic Cut Halfpipe cut with a Globalcutter shape, the brand new RedBull Vertbag by BAGJUMP™ and last but not least a mirrored step-up jump – one to the RedBull BAGJUMP™ Ample and one with a perfect landing so riders can take their newly learned trick right to the snow. Pipe-riders like Greg Bretz and olympic silver medalist Louie Vito learned new trick into the Vertbag they would have never tried without and took them to snow just a few days later. On the Slope Style course Skier – PK Hunder from Norway and Snowboarder Amee Fuller took it to the next level! Amee stomped a double backflip being the first girl to do such a gnarly trick on a 80ft jump after practicing it to the RedBull BAGJUMP™ Ample airbag.
Success! Everywhere you looked at the camp you could see just happy faces and riders having a great time learning  and motivating each other through great progression in a non competitive atmosphere.

Snowboard: Pat Moore, Greg Bretz, Louie Vito, Iouri Podtlatchikov, Amee Fuller, Sebastien Toutant, Mark McMorris, Seppe Smitts, Marco Grilc, Sarka Panchokova, Jake Koia, Scotty James,
Ski: Russ Henshaw, PK Hunder, Tanner Hall, Noah Bowman, Nick Goepper, Kaya Turski, Paddy Graham,

Watch the 2 Highlight clips right here and get stoked on progressing on a BAGJUMP™ Action Sports airbag near you:
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