Shaun White and Go Pro have created the ultimate Olympic training platform in cooperation with BAGJUMP™ and Snowpark Technologies. A 300ft long 22ft super-pipe and a slope style course has been constructed to get Shaun White ready for action in the 2014 Winter Olympic games…. One of the most important features of the park are the 2 Go pro sponsored snowboard airbags.  With the best snowboard airbag and the ultimate snowpark at his disposal, only time will tell if Shaun`s snowboard airbag will make the difference! Can he defend his Olympic title and win Halfpipe gold for the 3rd time? After winning the X-Games in the ski resort of Tignes last year Shaun told us that it wouldn’t have been possible without training with the ski airbag. Thanks for the kind words Shaun! We wish you the best of luck for the Olympics.