The technology behind the success of the NIP™ Foam Pit Airbag has remained an in house secret for over two years. With already 120 Foam Pit Airbags installed worldwide and over 60 million jumps, BAGJUMP™ is now ready to unveil the NIP™ Foam Pit Airbag.

So why have we waited so long?

“Simple really” says Markus Jordan (BAGJUMP COO). “Before going public we wanted to secure our world-wide patent to avoid the competition stealing our ideas.” “Now the patent is water tight we would like to officially present the NIP™ Foam Pit Airbag.”

The long awaited solution!

One of the main challenges when designing this product was eliminating the catapult effect which standard airbags all have. The secret was adding air pillars (NIPS) underneath the Topsheet. These air pillars release air individually, allowing for simultaneous landings and a lower profile airbag (1.6m). The reaction worldwide has been incredible. Through word of mouth alone the product has already made a large impact, providing a long awaited alternative to foam. Besides the massively increased jump frequency and superior functionality, the main reason sports centers are moving away from foam is health and hygiene.

Foam pit blocks covered with toxic fire retardants represent a real health risk – After a short period of time the foam cubes disintegrate and the toxic fire retardants become airborne – Hardly an environment for children or athletes to train and have fun! After years of research, development and hard work, BAGJUMP™ is proud to provide gyms with a smart alternative to foam! For further info regarding the NIP™ Foam Pit Airbag: