After over 1 year of planning, preparation and endless Bagjump airbag training days it finally happened to dirt. Josh Sheehan is the first (and probably last) person in the world crazy enough to do a triple backflip on a motorcycle to a landing.

Let us rewind a couple of months. Travis Pastrana purchased a custom sized Bagjump AMPLE airbag to use at his house in Maryland for bike stunts and to practice new FMX tricks. Thanks to the possiblity of landing into this giant soft airbag it was possible for them to increase the sizes of the jumps and with it the airtime it needs to do such crazy maneuvres. After the first triple flips were done into this flat airbag the next question was how to set up the landing and work out a safe transition in the training process. We developed this very unique landing setup with Travis Pastrana and equipped it with a Bagjump NIP FMX lander system for Josh Sheehan’s training. And it worked absolutely fantastic. Josh was able to eject from his bike as much as he needed, dropping over 50ft onto the airbag landing without getting hurt. Countless jumps and crashes later Josh was ready to do the trick on a real landing. Preparing himself on this landing airbag gave him the confidence and the possiblity to repeat exactly what he had done in the training- just this time without the motocross airbag landing. The result: the worlds first triple backflip on a motorcycle executed and landed perfectly.

More video material of the training will be released soon.