Bagjump’s Installations and Inspections Across Europe and the USA in June

Summer is at its peak, and June was an action-packed month for Bagjump. What could be better than that? 

June proved to be a busy and rewarding month for Bagjump as we expanded our reach across Europe and the USA. Our projects ranged from installing new gymnastics airpits to upgrading existing trampoline parks, showcasing our commitment to safety, quality, and innovation. 

From gymnastics facilities in the USA to unique projects in far-flung Norway, here are some of the installations and inspections we completed in June: 

Nampa, USA – Installation of a New Gymnastics Airpit 

Our first stop in June was Nampa, Idaho, where we installed a brand-new Gymnastics Airpit. This project was a big step forward as we expand into the gymnastics market. The facility had an older model from another brand, and our Bagjump replacement has significantly upgraded their equipment. The new airpit ensures a safer and more enjoyable experience for the gymnasts.  

Oswego, USA – Higher-Sized Gymnastics Airpits 

Next, we headed to Oswego, Illinois, to install larger-sized Gymnastics Airpits. These pits are designed specifically for gymnastics, offering athletes a safer and more versatile training environment.  

The increased size allows for a broader range of activities and maneuvers, making it an ideal addition to the facility. The feedback from coaches and athletes about these airpits has been overwhelmingly positive, with many praising the improved safety and functionality. We hope to hear the same in Oswego.  

Harford Gymnastics, USA – More Gymnastics Airpits 

At Harford Gymnastics in Maryland, we installed additional Gymnastics Airpits. Our airpits are known for their durability and safety, providing gymnasts with a reliable and secure area to practice their skills.  

The installation process was seamless, and the new equipment will quickly make a significant impact. We hope it allows gymnasts to train with greater confidence and reduced risk of injury. 

Harford Gymnastics, USA

Foldvik Familiepark, Norway – Stand Alone Airpit Installation 

Foldvik Familiepark in Norway was probably the most interesting project we had this month. This family-oriented amusement park, now features a stand-alone airpit designed to look like a traditional Norwegian house tower – awesome, right?  

This installation offers a thrilling free drop experience for children, combining fun with safety. This airpit can quickly become a favorite attraction, with kids enjoying the excitement of a free fall in a secure and controlled environment and a very unique design that adds to the park’s charm.  

Foldvik Familiepark, Norway


Yuma, Arizona, USA – Installation of a Gymnastics Airpit 

Our journey continued to Yuma, Arizona, where we installed a new Gymnastics Airpit. The airpit is designed to cater to the specific needs of gymnasts, providing a better training enviroment.  

Our airpits are becoming more and more popular among gymnastic studios and we are happy to provide a safer alternative to the traditional, but unfortunately old, foam pit. 

Sky Zone, Myrtle Beach – Replacement of Needed Parts 

At Sky Zone in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, we replaced some essential parts to ensure the smooth operation of their airbag systems. This simple yet vital task helps maintain the park’s high safety standards, allowing visitors to enjoy their favorite attractions without interruption. Regular maintenance is key to the longevity and reliability of our products, and this project exemplifies our commitment to providing continuous support to our clients. 

If you know of other parks or facilities that could benefit from Bagjump’s innovative solutions, we would love to hear from you. Our mission is to make recreational environments safer and more enjoyable for everyone. 

Sky Zone, Myrtle Beach Airbag