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Bagjump’s Installations and Repairs: May 2024

From ski resorts to trampoline parks, we’re helping athletes and thrill-seekers enjoy their favorite activities even more. 

In May, we had our team all across Europe, undertaking a variety of projects to enhance safety and performance in sports facilities – and of course, get ready for the Summer! 

From installing top-notch equipment at ski resorts to inspecting and repairing airbags at popular bike parks and trampoline centers, our team showed their dedication to quality and innovation. 

Let’s dive into the details of these projects and see how Bagjump is making a difference in the world of sports and recreation. 


Bagjump Installations 2024 May in Germany

Liftgesellschaft Oberwiesenthal, Germany

Installation: Allround, Stand Alone, and Landing Bag 

In Oberwiesenthal, Germany,( Bagjump took on an exciting project at a ski resort aiming to attract more summer visitors. We installed a range of our top products: the Allround Airbag, the Airpit Standalone Airbag, and a Tubing Landing Bag. This installation is designed to offer year-round activities for adventure seekers. The Allround Bag and Standalone Bag provide versatile training and recreational options, while the Tubing Landing Bag ensures safety for various jumps and tricks.  

Our team took care of everything, making sure the setup was perfect for summer adventures. 

Winterberg, Austria 

Inspection: Bike Landing Bag 

Our job was small but important—fixing up the landing bag to keep it in top shape for the busy summer season. 

We performed a repair on a Bike Landing Bag at a renowned bike park within a ski resort. This park, already home to numerous Bagjump airbags, is a favorite among biking enthusiasts.  

Although our task was relatively minor, involving basic repairs, it was crucial to maintain the high standards of safety and performance that the park is known for.  

Our team ensured that the bike landing bag was back in top condition, ready for the upcoming summer season. 


Bagjump Installations Austria May 2024

Oberhausen, Germany 

Inspection: Airpit at Trampoline Park 

In Oberhausen, Germany, we inspected and repaired an Airpit Inground Airbag at the Tiger Jump trampoline park, originally installed a few years ago. The park had initially replaced their foam pit with an airbag system and now plans to upgrade all airbags to Bagjump products. Our team conducted thorough measurements and swapped some parts to ensure optimal performance.  

This project involved detailed inspection and careful adjustments. This keeps the park safe and fun for all its visitors. 


Inspection and Preparation: Landing Bag for Stunt Events 

In Italy, we worked with athlete Maurizio Pera Perin to inspect and do small fixes to his Bagjump Landing Bag for the summer. This involved a one-piece landing bag designed for stunt events, measuring six meters. Our team made sure it was in great condition for all the exciting events Maurizio has planned. 

Check all the crazy stunts Maurizio is doing at his instagram channel, @maurizioperin. 

Maurizio Perin Bagjump

Bouncelab, Switzerland 

Installation: Four Inground Airpits in Different Sizes 

Bouncelab in Switzerland was a complex and rewarding project where we installed four airpits of varying sizes. The facility already boasts five Bagjump bags, and the installation required precise adjustments, including changing the air coolers of the airbags.  

Despite the tricky parts, our team managed to get everything set up perfectly. This ensures that Bouncelab continues to provide top-quality experiences for its visitors. 


Bagjump Installation BounceLab Switzerland


Flip Lap, Innsbruck, Austria 

Inspection: Two Airpits 

In Innsbruck, Austria, we conducted a quick inspection of two airpits at the Flip Lap tranpoline park. These bags, purchased a long time ago, needed a thorough check to assess their current condition.  

Our inspection aimed to ensure that the bags were still performing well and to identify any necessary maintenance or repairs.  

Snow Space, Flachau, Austria 

Demonstration: Stand Alone Bag Installation 

At Snow Space in Flachau, Austria, Bagjump demonstrated the installation of an Airpit Standalone Airbag. Although the primary task was a demonstration, this project was vital in showing the resort team how they can install the bag themselves. 

The location is particularly exciting, as they plan to place the bag at the top of a mountain, offering a stunning view. Our team provided comprehensive training, ensuring that the resort staff can handle future installations confidently and correctly. 

This project is exciting because it combines breathtaking scenery with top-notch safety equipment. 


Bagjump Installation Shuttleberg


Shuttleberg, Flachau, Austria 

Inspection: Bike Landing Bag 

In Shuttleberg, Flachau, Austria, we conducted an inspection of a Bike Landing Bag. The main focus of this quick visit was on demonstrating how to secure the anchors of an airbag effectively.  

The Bagjump team opened the bag in the middle of the field and provided a detailed walkthrough of the anchoring process. This hands-on training ensures they can maintain and secure the airbags correctly, enhancing safety for all users. 


Bagjump Installation Snow Space