As a kid growing up in Encinitas, California the home of skateboarding and popular summer hangout for the worlds best snowboarders. Axell Hodges spent as much time tagging along with his older brother Austin (two time USASA National Snowboard Slope Style Champion), on the slopes of Big Bear, and skating with big bro’s friends including the likes of Ryan Bobier (alluProfessional Skateboarder), as he did running around the country with his legendary father and amateur motocross champion himself PH.

Making his way up the ranks of the amateur motocross circuit it was clear Axell had talent in droves but the traditional sport of motocross racing allowed little room for Axell’s creativity and style. This skate/snowboard influence has always been prevalent in Axell’s uniquely smooth riding style. The first ever Freestyle Motocross Alley-oop on a full size Kawasaki KX 450 takes the mesh of skate and snowboard influence on a dirt bike to a whole new level. With the help of some practice days into the BAGJUMP© Allround Airbag 50x50ft the training went very smooth providing Axell a safe transition to the dirt landing. There couldn’t be a more fitting athlete to do the first ever Alley-Oop than Axell and in typical slay fashion he of course did so with style to spare.



Thanks to Axell, PH, Matt McCall, Dirt Shark and Monster Energy for including BAGJUMP© in this project. A special thanks to Gabriella Ellyse for adding legitimate support to the success of this project, all the way down to helping roll up the bag! And can’t forget to shout out our furry mascot friends for keeping spirits high as Axell battled this one long into the evening @littlemrnixxon and @Cora_thecomfypup!

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