Microsoft Cortana and the legendary Scottish trials cyclist Danny Mackaskill put on quite a show when he performed the biggest loop the loop ever on a bicycle. The Scottish legend completed the gravity-defying stunt down a 60ft. ramp into a 16.5ft. diameter loop on a 500tonne barge, on the river Thames directly in front of the London eye. Preparing for the stunt was not easy and again Red Bulls Danny MacAskill and his management contacted BAGJUMP to assist in guaranteeing Danny’s safety! A custom made Foam Pit Airbag was delivered in record time with BAGJUMP Team Rider and bike specialist Mathias Garber to help Danny MacAskill with their gravity-defying stunt. The mobile foam pit was positioned at the base of the loop to catch Danny when training. The 1st loop that was built was not quite right and Danny did fall from the top down only to be caught in BAGJUMPs very safe hands – The Foam Pit Airbag. Used at trampoline parks, gymnastics facilities, bike parks and freestyle sports academies across the globe, the Foam Pit Airbag is a very smart alternative to foam pits.

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