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Even before Covid-19 Foam Pit hygiene and health effects has been a heavily discussed topic in trampoline parks. As every operator knows, foam pits are dusty, dirty, full of sweat and hair, difficult to clean and expensive to maintain and it became very clear very early on, that opening attractions that involve a foam pit during a global pandemic is out of the question. Foam pits are a place where bacteria and viruses can easily be transferred, and they cannot be sufficiently cleaned. This is why many park operators try to find easy and cheap solutions.

So why not just throw a cover over the foam cubes so you have a surface you can clean similar to an airbag? After getting some requests to produce this ourselves and turning them down for safety concerns we have learned that multiple manufacturers started providing a PVC cover for foam pits, that would seemingly improve the hygiene issue, by temporarily covering the foam pit with a Topsheet and Sideskirts, until the operation of foam pits is allowed again or at least tolerated. Anyhow, there are some serious safety concerns involved in doing this and you have to ask yourself: Is a quick and cheap solution to be more hygienic worth the risk of a severe injury in my park?



RISK of a Foam Pit Cover


on use of cover on foam pits as an landing surface for trampoline parks

Dangerous holes in landing areas can build under the cover, but might get noticed too late as the cover is stretched above them. Same as with a regular foam pits the foam in landing areas gets pushed to the sides, thinning the layer of foam in the landing zone causing severe injury risk.

Covering your foam pit does not provide the same safety as an airbag or a foam pit. There are very high injury risks especially in use with trampolines or jump towers

In order to keep it functional you need to ensure cubes are fluffed (not compacted) and also have an even coverage in landing areas. This would mean removing the cover multiple times and fluffing the whole pit.



As a result of the above points, parks who have installed foam pit covers have removed them again within a couple of days after installing them, fearing that they will have more injuries due to its hard surface and considering that it is just too much effort trying to get underneath the cover to somehow maintain the foam pit and fluff it again.





BENEFITS of a BAGJUMP® Foam Pit Airbag over a Foam Pit?

With over 10 years of experience, research and first-hand information from industry leaders, we are able to present a business model, showing the financial benefit of a BAGJUMP® Foam Pit Airbag over a Foam Pit, using the example of a 6 x 6 x 1,5m pit (20ft x 20ft x 5ft pit). To form the business model, we’ve taken into account the information given to us by park operators about the maintenance process of foam pits regarding labour and reordering foam blocks.

Give us the size of your foam pit, and we can develop a custom model for you, showing you the amount of money you will save by replacing it with a BAGJUMP Foam Pit Airbag.


  • More hygienic 
  • Anti-viral and anti-bacterial additive in printed Topsheet® 
  • No more dust from your foam pit 
  • Almost no maintenance / cleaning 
  • Detailed graphic branding possible 
  • More cost effective than foam 
  • Patented replaceable parts 
  • Custom manufactured purpose built materials 
  • Durable product which will last you 4-8 years depending on frequency 
  • Higher throughput / easier to get exit 
  • Fire certifications / not flammable 
  • Safety certified and compliant with all trampoline park standards



How does BAGJUMP® help me to get my airbag in difficult financial times like these?

Get your BAGJUMP® Foam Pit Airbag NOW and PAY LATER!
We understand that Covid-19 closures have put financial pressure on facilities. Right now is the time to invest in healthier and cleaner solutions for your business and your customers. Regain your customers trust by upgrading to a BAGJUMP® airbag to meet the highest health and safety standards. We are happy to announce that we are able to help you. 


  • Flexible payment terms  
  • Up to 36 months terms for the payment   
  • As low as 0% down payment  




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