August 21st 2014, Professional Mountain biker and Monster Energy Team rider Cam Zink performed the “Mammoth Flip” at Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort, performing the world’s biggest backflip over 100 feet on his mountain bike.

How did he manage to build up to this trick while staying injury free!?

By training with the Monster Energy BAGJUMP™ for several weeks leading up to his record-breaking backflip. Starting with a small 30 ft. gap to the BAGJUMP™ freestyle airbag, Cam Zinc gradually increased the gap to the full distance. Training using the BAGJUMP™ was the most important part of preparing Cam Zink for this long distance backflip. By using the airbag he was able to get the right speed, rotation and prepare mentally for his performance on the event day. The airbag used was our best seller, providing him with the ultimate softness and enough space to land safely.


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