At the first stop of the Masters of Dirt tour in Klagenfurt, a real banger of a show was waiting for the fans. With some of the most talented riders of the scene like Nicholi Rogatkin and Fabio Wibmer, the tour started with some real excitement.

One of them especially stood out in the Klagenfurt exhibition hall – Kai Haase –  he stole the show with his tricks.  With a flat-drop backflip from a height of 10 meters and a free fall of 5 meters up to his world first front flip in the landing bag. Kai Haase performed a world premiere and even made the old men of the scene look surprised. With his stunt, the German FMX champion exceeds all the tricks the freestyle sport has seen in recent years.

Since April 2018, Haase has been training for this uniquely spectacular stunt. With the help of our landing bag, the German dared to take on this really tricky jump and landed it perfectly!

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