The road to the X Games 2020 Aspen can be hard for Athletes, so riders are looking for options to practice their tricks in a safe environment leading up to their big competitions throughout the year and X Games being the biggest one – BAGJUMP©️ is their choice! 9 times X Games medal winner Brett Turcotte on Snowbike/Snowmobile and XGames gold medalist freestyle snowmobile rider Brandon Cormier had great success using the BAGJUMP Landing for their practice.
The Landing Bag allows them to practice all their new and old tricks without the risk of a hard packed landing and instead being able to land soft limiting the risk of an injury. The Landing Airbag is simply installed on top of a regular dirt, scaffold or truck landing, can be regulated in softness with the 2-layer-multi-chamber-technology.
Bagjump purposely developed the Topsheet©️ materials for Snowmobile, Freestyle Motocross (FMX) and even for ATV or Polaris RZR, Can-Am SSV Maverick to withstand the heavy machinery but at the same time giving grip to tires in all conditions. BAGJUMP is the No. 1 choice in airbags for professional freestyle athletes and action sport brands worldwide with riders such as Travis Pastrana, Brett Turcotte, Brandon Cormier, Keith Sayers, Heith Frisby, Axell Hodges, Kyle Demelo, Brody Wilson, Josh Penner, Fredrik Berggren, Antonio Navas, Mat Rebeaud, Alex Kolesnikov, Alex Porsing and many more!
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