For over a week, the Chinese halfpipe snowboard and ski team has been training their halfpipe skills in Vuokatti snowboard park to be in top form for the next World Cup session.

To provide them with the perfect training conditions, the Finnish snowboard park has teamed up with Bagjump to provide an innovative and realistic training setup. The Bagjump Vertbag was specially designed for the halfpipe. Its innovative shape gives riders the possibility to practice their tricks from both sides in just one airbag.

It’s super soft, so you can try new massive tricks without the fear of injuring yourself and falling out for weeks. It creates the perfect conditions for learning new tricks as the boundaries of the sport get pushed further and further. The risk of injury at this level is high. With our airbag systems, we aim to give professional riders the necessary support to safely push themselves to reach their highest potential.



Coach Mikko Nuttila and his team felt like they were landing on a cloud and could hardly believe how soft our airbags are.


This is simply the perfect setup to learn new tricks quickly and effectively. Thanks to the Vuokatti and Bagjump airbags!”
– Pekka Kosela, Head Coach of the Chinese team


The Bagjump Vert Bag is already the second airbag system that the Chinese team is training with. The team also has our Landing Bags at the Secret Garden Resort in China. This airbag combo rounds up the training possibilities for the halfpipe team perfectly.

After the Chinese national team training session, the airbag will remain in Finland and will be available for training upon request.