Thousands of fans cheered on the world elite as they showed off their maddest tricks and skills at the 2018 X Games in Minneapolis. The Moto X Best Trick contest is one of the craziest competitions at the event, and this year the riders really gave it their all!

The Bagjump crew congratulates the riders for their massive tricks and crazy skills, with a special shout out to Bagjump Airbag Friends Tom Pages, Josh Sheenan, Harry Bink, Adam Jones and Podmol Libor. You rocked the US Bank Stadium!

One of the biggest highlights in Minneapolis was the grand Moto X Freestyle Finale. Tom Pages took the podium with his bike flip in the quarter pipe and his double flip variations.

Watch his run now:


With his breathtaking run, the Frenchman Tom Pages pushed Freestyle Motocross to the next level and took home the gold medal for the 2018 X Games in Minneapolis.

Freestyle Motocross is constantly evolving – the tricks and flips at competitions just keep getting wilder and higher. The athletes need to work really hard to keep pushing the envelope.



But the current FMX level also comes with a serious risk of injury. We are constantly developing our Bagjump Airbags, ensuring that they meet the highest safety and quality standards. World class FMX riders like Travis Pastrana, Libor Podmol and many more put our Airbags to the test. We’re proud to make the most radical tricks and flips possible by providing safe training conditions for athletes.