10 Gymnasts you Should Watch at the Olympics

While we are working on improving safety in gymnastics, these athletes have been pushing their limits to the next level.  

As the Paris 2024 Olympics approach, gymnastics fans are eagerly anticipating the performances of some of the sport’s brightest stars. Bagjump has been supporting incredible gymnasts all over the world, and we are all curious to see who will bring home the gold.  

From seasoned Olympians to rising talents, here are ten gymnasts who are set to make headlines and captivate audiences in Paris 2024 with their extraordinary skills. 


10 Gymnasts to Watch for in the Paris 2024 Olympics

Simone Biles (USA)

Sport: Women’s Artistic Gymnastics
Preferred Event: Floor Exercise
Past Medals: 7 Olympic medals (4 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze) 

Simone Biles needs no introduction. As one of the most decorated gymnasts in history, Biles has consistently pushed the boundaries of the sport with her incredible difficulty and execution – something which Bagjump is trying their best to support. After a hiatus following the Tokyo Olympics, she is back and ready to compete at Paris 2024. Her performances are always a must-watch, not just for her technical prowess but also for her inspiring resilience and dedication to the sport. 


Simone Biles Bagjump

Rebeca Andrade (Brazil)

Sport: Women’s Artistic Gymnastics
Preferred Event: Vault
Past Medals: 2 Olympic medals (1 gold, 1 silver) 

Rebeca Andrade is another standout gymnast to watch in Paris 2024. Known for her powerful vaults and elegant floor routines, Andrade made history at the Tokyo Olympics by winning gold in the vault and silver in the all-around. Fans are eagerly anticipating a potential all-around showdown between her and Simone Biles, which could be one of the most exciting contests of this Olympic Games. 


Rebeca Andrade Bagjump

Kaylia Nemour (USA)

Sport: Women’s Artistic Gymnastics
Preferred Event: Uneven Bars
Past Medals: None (Debuting at the Olympics) 

Kaylia Nemour is a rising star with an exceptional uneven bars routine that boasts an impressive 7.1 difficulty score. Competing on home soil in Paris, Nemour is expected to shine in front of her compatriots. Her prowess on the bars and her potential to contribute to France’s team success make her a gymnast to watch closely. 

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kaylia Nemour

Zsofia Kovacs (Hungary)

Sport: Women’s Artistic Gymnastics
Preferred Event: All-Around
Past Medals: None (First-time Olympian) 

Zsofia Kovacs is a well-rounded gymnast with no apparent weaknesses, making her a formidable competitor in the all-around category. Kovacs has the potential to medal in multiple events due to her consistency and high skill level across all apparatus. Her versatility and strength will be key assets for Hungary’s gymnastics team in Paris. 


Zsofia Kovacs Bagjump

Jade Carey (USA)

Sport: Women’s Artistic Gymnastics
Preferred Event: Floor Exercise
Past Medals: 1 Olympic medal (1 gold) 

Jade Carey, a returning Olympian, is known for her powerful tumbling and impressive vaulting skills. She secured gold on floor exercise in Tokyo and will be looking to defend her title in Paris. Carey’s ability to perform high-difficulty routines with precision makes her a strong contender in both individual and team events. 


Jade Carey Bagjump

Helen Kevric (Germany)

Sport: Women’s Artistic Gymnastics
Preferred Event: Uneven Bars
Past Medals: None (First-time Olympian) 

Helen Kevric is making her senior debut just in time for the Paris Olympics. Known for her strong performances as a junior, Kevric has the potential to make a significant impact on the senior stage. Her transition to senior competition will be closely watched, as she brings fresh energy and skill to the German gymnastics team. 


Bagjump Helen Kevric

Sunisa Lee (USA)

Sport: Women’s Artistic Gymnastics
Preferred Event: Uneven Bars
Past Medals: 3 Olympic medals (1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze) 

Sunisa Lee, the reigning Olympic all-around champion, is another gymnast to watch in Paris. Lee’s remarkable performances in Tokyo captivated the world, and she continues to be a major force in gymnastics. Her balance beam and uneven bars routines are particularly noteworthy, and her artistry and precision will be on full display at the Games. 


Bagjump Sunisa Lee

Joscelyn Roberson (USA)

Sport: Women’s Artistic Gymnastics
Preferred Event: Vault
Past Medals: None (First-time Olympian) 

Joscelyn Roberson is another senior gymnast to watch, known for her dynamic floor routines and powerful vaults. Roberson’s performances have been consistently strong, and she has the potential to be a key contributor to the U.S. team’s success in Paris. Her athleticism and competitive spirit make her a standout athlete. 

Joscelyn Roberson

Leanne Wong (USA)

Sport: Women’s Artistic Gymnastics
Preferred Event: All-around, with a particular strength in the balance beam and floor exercise.
Past Medals: None (First-time Olympian) 

Leanne is an emerging talent in the gymnastics world, known for her graceful performances and strong all-around skills. She recently showcased her potential at the World Championships, making her a gymnast to watch closely at the Olympics. Her elegant floor routines and strong performances on the balance beam and uneven bars make her a versatile and formidable competitor.


Leanne Wong IG

Daiki Hashimoto (Japan)

Sport: Men’s Artistic Gymnastics
Preferred Event: All-Around, Horizontal Bar
Past Medals: Gold Medal in All-Around and Horizontal Bar (Tokyo 2020)

Daiki Hashimoto has quickly risen to prominence in the gymnastics world with his exceptional performances. Known for his consistency and technical excellence, Hashimoto clinched gold medals in both the all-around and horizontal bar events at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. His poise under pressure and flawless execution make him a gymnast to watch, as he continues to set new standards in the sport.



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