Trampoline Park

Elevate your airbag safety with the new BAGJUMP pressure alarm system

Enhance the safety standards of your BAGJUMP airbag or any other inflatable device with the new BAGJUMP Pressure Alarm.


In the unlikely event of any airbag pressure deviations or power failure, rest assured that the BAGJUMP Pressure Alarm will promptly activate an audio-visual signal, instantly alerting both users and staff. The Pressure Alarm also features a DMX port for seamless integration into your light and audio system. This enables you to trigger specific light and sound effects or make important announcements when the alarm activates.

Complying with the latest industry regulations, this product is built in accordance with recognized safety standards and guidelines. As of 2022, ISO 23659:2022 has made the Pressure Alarm feature mandatory for trampoline parks, ensuring a vigilant monitoring of your inflatable structures.


Upgrade your airbag safety for ultimate peace of mind and buy the BAGJUMP Pressure Alarm today! Get your Pressure Alarm now – BUY NOW.