FMX Landings

The Nitro Circus Main Show comes to Thunder Valley MidAmerica Outdoors with the world’s biggest FMX airbag!

After months of planning with teams from all over the world converging on Jay, Oklahoma, we’re almost ready for what will be one of the biggest and most exciting shows of the year: Visions Off-Road 2023.

With 6 days of non-stop action, it’s going to be a mind-blowing mix of the biggest off-road racing series and action sports entertainment alongside spectacular live music shows and family fun. But the culmination will undoubtedly be Saturday night when Nitro Circus will be providing a jaw-dropping finale to the whole show with a thrilling 90-minute spectacular on a brand-new set up at MidAmerica Outdoors’ Thunder Valley.

FMX legend and Nitro Circus ringleader, Travis Pastrana will be bringing a host of friends, including Australia’s Jayden “Jayo” Archer, who completed the first triple flip in competition, and the Gold Coast phenom, Ryan Williams, to showcase their skills for the crowds and rewrite the rules on what’s possible on FMX, BMX, skateboards and all manner of contraptions that make Nitro Circus unmissable.

BAGJUMP have been working hard with Travis, Jayo, Ryan and the team to design and install three new BAGJUMP airbags for the show to help each rider push their limits as safely and consistently as possible.

From an 18x23m all-round training bag for Travis and Jayo, to a bag for bikes, scooters and contraptions, all the way up to the big one: the world’s biggest freestyle motocross landing bag (four times the size of what was there before). This 20x50m monster supported by miles of scaffolding and winched into place features two wedges to adjust both height and landing angle to give the guys everything they need to put on an electrifying display (and hopefully pull off a few triple flips for the fans!).

BAGJUMP airbag systems give the best riders in the world a way to unlock unbelievable moves and attempt never-before-seen tricks to push the boundaries of sports entertainment. If you want to be there to see all the action live, day passes are still available at or you can keep an eye our social channels to catch the highlights!