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Glow-in-the-dark trampoline park airbag attractions

Dim the lights! Do you already have a cool trampoline park and want to add something special to your venue?


Well, now you can really light things up with the NEON NINJA WARRIOR COURSE! This innovative attraction is a total eye-catcher in any trampoline park. Best American’s neon Collection currently includes Ninja Courses that feature a steel truss system powder coated in an array of neon colors, as well as a choice of neon ninja elements that illuminate under black lights. Furthermore, this collection also features a selection of fully customizable neon climbing walls, neon airbags and neon materials that can be incorporated into their trampoline courts. In combination with our Foam Pit Airbag, this new product will attract lots of new visitors to your park.


Rockin’ Jump Vacaville incorporated a Neon Ninja Course with a neon orange truss system and neon green ninja elements that produce a vibrant glow when exposed to black lights. The trampoline park opened its doors in 2016.


ABOUT Best American Trampoline Parks: They are the first manufacturer in the trampoline park industry to design a black light reactive trampoline park and were excited to help the Jump Time team design the entertainment center with a neon theme.