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Anti-viral additive in BAGJUMP® soft touch topsheets

At Bagjump, we are very aware of the health and economic effect that Covid-19 poses on the world. We are also doing everything in our power to flatten the curve. We have ensured that all our office staff works from home. We have also taken the highest safety precautions for our staff at our manufacturing facility.

Did you know that our printed topsheets have been treated with an anti-viral additive?

Long before Covid-19, we have been using an anti-bacterial and anti-viral additive in all of our printed soft touch topsheet materials. According to the information the additive manufacturer provides, it is ‘effective against coronavirus and protects synthetic textiles. Treating PES textiles with this additive can reduce viral load by up to 99 %.

If you already own a branded BAGJUMP® soft touch topsheet which was produced after June 2018, this additive has already been used on your product.

Cleaning foam pits vs airbags?

Over the last weeks, we have been asked by many of our existing clients how we feel about cleanliness of airbags vs foam pits. It is very difficult, if not impossible to properly clean foam pits. There are thousands of cubes, which can not be washed with detergents or disinfected. Furthermore, it takes hours for several people just to empty out the pit and get the dust out. So it is a very time-consuming task and does not fully clean it. Doing this daily will not be possible for trampoline parks.

Our airbags have only one surface jumpers can touch that needs to be cleaned. If you operate the airbag only with the unbranded vinyl topsheet, it can be cleaned with mild cleaning detergents, which can also be done multiple times per day and is effective.washed if necessary.

Why choose a BAGJUMP® foam pit airbag?

More hygienic

Anti-viral and anti-bacterial additive in printed Topsheet

No more dust from your foam pit

Almost no maintenance / cleaning

Detailed graphic branding possible

More cost effective than foam

Patented replaceable parts

Custom manufactured purpose built materials

Durable product which will last you 4-8 years depending on frequency

Higher throughput / easier to get exit

Fire certifications / not flammable

Safety certified and compliant with all trampoline park standards

The Foam Pit Airbag® pays itself of in comparison to a foam pit over a 1-2yr period of time. We have different leasing options and payment plans available.

Contact your BAGJUMP® representative to find out more about costs, delivery times, leasing options and payment terms. We will also happily give you more detail on the health, operational and economic benefits of our products.