Airpit Inground

BAGJUMP® Trampoline Parks – Hygiene is now more important than ever

At BAGJUMP®we are constantly talking to our clients and trampoline parks in order to support them as much as we can and to always be up to date with the current circumstances and needs of the industry. As a result, we take the information we get to find ways to help you maintain the highest quality possible in your venue and make the upgrades you are wanting to make possible.


That hygiene is now more important than ever is obvious in times of Covid-19. It is all of our responsibility to create a clean and safe environment for the guests that want to come back and enjoy the trampoline parks all over the world.


BAGJUMP® Foam Pit Airbags can provide a clean and easy to maintain environment, that a foam pit doesn’t even come close to. We are taking action and want to help you replace your old foam pits and create the most hygienic experience possible.


How do we do that? Let us explain how you can benefit from a BAGJUMP® Foam Pit Airbag and what we’ve done to help you get yours:

BENEFITS of a BAGJUMP® Foam Pit Airbag® over a Foam Pit?

More hygienic

Anti-viral and anti-bacterial additive in printed Topsheet®

No more dust from your foam pit

Almost no maintenance / cleaning

Detailed graphic branding possible

More cost effective than foam

Patented replaceable parts

Custom manufactured purpose built materials

Durable product which will last you 4-8 years depending on frequency

Higher throughput / easier to get exit

Fire certifications / not flammable

Safety certified and compliant with all trampoline park standards

Why choose a BAGJUMP® Foam Pit Airbag? HERE are three major FACTS why BAGJUMP® is the right choice to make:

Thanks to our patented technology we are the only airbag manufacturer worldwide to offer fully replaceable air pillars. All parts of your BAGJUMP airbag are fully replaceable or highly reinforced to ensure that you never go out of operation and to prevent from expensive maintenance/repairs. Simply take off a worn-out piece and put a new one on within a few minutes. No lengthy and costly repairs needed.

Our custom manufactured materials have been tested, compared and proven to be the strongest and most durable available on the Airbag Market. Together with our Partner HEYtex® technical textiles from Germany, we developed materials that no other material in the industry can come close to.

Since June 2018 we have been treating our printed Topsheets® with an anti-viral and anti-bacterial and anti-microbial additive by a Swiss manufacturer. With a BAGJUMP® Foam Pit Airbag, you have the most hygienic solution for your attraction, while having your own, fully printed custom design.

How does a BAGJUMP Foampit Airbag compare economically? FOAM PITS vs AIRBAGS

With over 10 years of experience, research and first-hand information from industry leaders, we are able to present a business model, showing the financial benefit of a BAGJUMP® Foam Pit Airbag over a Foam Pit, using the example of a 6 x 6 x 1,5m pit (20ft x 20ft x 5ft pit). To form the business model, we’ve taken into account the information given to us by park operators about the maintenance process of foam pits regarding labour and reordering foam blocks.

Give us the size of your foam pit, and we can develop a custom model for you, showing you the amount of money you will save by replacing it with a BAGJUMP Foam Pit Airbag.

How does BAGJUMP help you to get your airbag in difficult financial times like these? – Get your BAGJUMP® Foam Pit Airbag NOW and PAY LATER!


We understand that Covid-19 closures have put financial pressure on facilities. Right now is the time to invest in healthier and cleaner solutions for your business and your customers. Regain your customers trust by upgrading to a BAGJUMP® airbag to meet the highest health and safety standards. We are happy to announce that we are able to help you.

  • Flexible payment terms
  • As low as 0% down payment
  • Up to 36 months terms for the payment