BAGJUMP is deeply rooted within the sports industry. As former professional snowboarders and absolute sports enthusiasts we realized the need of safer training possibilities to progress without getting injured. As athletes ourselves we created the products for us and our friends from the worldwide sports community could have fun and safely progress with. We are very hands on when it comes to development and testing of our products. Safe progression is our driving force and we are happy to have been involved in some of the most ground breaking stunts in the world, as well as offering beginners in all sports the possibility to achieve their own personal greatness.


At BAGJUMP we feel extremely fortunate to be involved in the progression of extreme sports and the leisure industry to bring great experiences and more safety to jumpers around the world. We love what we do and are excited about the progression we were able to move forward.


It takes guts. We have been innovating airbag technology together with the world’s leading athletes and brands over the last century to achieve the unthinkable. It was and is very exciting to build up new prototypes from scratch with the world best athletes and to break ground where no one has gone before.


With over 2.000 projects in extreme sports, sports facilities and safety systems we have gathered lots of insight in the safety, functional, manufacturing and material selection of airbag systems. Thanks to our team of in-house engineers we are able to bring ideas to reality very quickly and efficiently.




 All BAGJUMP®  products are certified by TUEV for quality and safety. We are working together closely with the regulators and have played a large role in assisting the writing of various country and industry norms, such as the IATP, ASTM or BSI code of practice.


Safety is our highest priority and we do not jeopardize safety for anything. The functioning mechanisms of our airbag systems are designed to create the highest landing safety possible so you and your customers can enjoy our airbag systems to the fullest.


All airbags are produced in Europe with the highest end manufacturing techniques such as digital cutting machines, semi automated stitching and CAD designed planning. Our production process is streamlined for airbag manufacturing with a high emphasis on post-production quality inspections to ensure each airbag is delivered perfectly.


We have a team of engineers from various fields to develop new products, but also to continue the search of new and improved materials as well as confection/manufacturing techniques to always deliver the safest and most durable product.


With every purchase you will receive full service consultation from one of our representatives. We have gained huge amounts of knowledge in over 2.000 projects in sports facilities and are happy to pass this on. We have various experts for the different applications of our products who are happy to assist.


Our installers will fly out and professionally perform a full service installation of the airbag system and train your staff on safe operation and maintenance of the product. By the time we are finished you will have a perfectly installed airbag system and all the knowledge to operate independently and safely.


We take customer support seriously! We understand the needed prompt response times in an operational sports or leisure facility, so we have set up an international team of full-time highly trained technical staff in Europe and the US who are always there for you when you need our support either on the phone or on location.


All BAGJUMP materials are exclusively produced by Heytex technical textiles. We have developed these custom made materials together with Heytex over years to have high-performance durable materials which are suitable exactly for their intended purpose. No off-the-shelve materials are used on our products. Whether it is the high jump frequency and 365 day a year use of a trampoline park airbag or the high impact energy of a freestyle motocross landing airbag – we made sure that the materials are custom tailored to withstand the short and longterm stress of their individual use.


Heytex Group from Germany is the worlds leader in the development and production of high-quality and functional technical textiles.
On three continents, Heytex covers a large product portfolio to offer their customers the best solutions for different kinds of uses ranging from sports to industry applications.

Heytex has over 100 years of experience in R&D and production with certified quality and state of the art technology.


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