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The Role of Quality Equipment in Trampoline Park Experiences

Trampoline parks are a fun trend for families and athletes, and Bagjump is committed to ensuring that safety is always paramount. Here’s how we make that happen. 

Trampoline parks are trending in popularity since Covid19 locked down the world. They are attracting families, athletes, and thrill-seekers alike and it’s no wonder why. These parks offer a mix of fun and fitness. You might find yourself jumping next to someone practicing for their routines, while kids nearby are experiencing their first trampoline jumps. Fun is a given, but keeping things safe while still exciting is a tricky balance. 

I chatted with Andi Winter, one of our account managers in Europe, and Hannes Rasinger, CEO of Bagjump. They shared some great insights about why quality equipment is so important in trampoline parks. Now, let’s dive into the crucial role of quality equipment and how Bagjump contributes to creating safer, more enjoyable experiences. 

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The Fun and Safety Balance in Trampoline Parks 

Keeping Visitors Safe 

Trampoline parks are all about high-energy fun, but they come with some risks. Operators face injuries daily and must have exact plans to address and prevent these incidents. “Only then can they ensure a fun and memorable experience for their visitors,” said Andi. Safety isn’t just about dealing with injuries—it’s about creating a space where risks are kept to a minimum. 

One primary way to achieve this is through high-quality, reliable equipment. Bagjump’s Airpit Inground significantly upgrade over traditional foam pits, which can pose various hazards. Airbags provide a safer, cleaner alternative that enhances overall park safety. 

Creating a Clean and Fun Environment 

Cleanliness is critical to maintaining trust and ensuring a positive experience. Foam pits, while popular, can become dirty and harbor bacteria, leading to potential health issues. Hannes Rasinger, CEO of Bagjump, explained, “Statistically, airbags are making trampoline parks safer and more hygienic. This is a big improvement versus foam pits. You can’t really clean a foam pit; sweat and other liquids easily accumulate.” Andi Winter also agreed, adding, “I would personally not send my kids to a park with foam pits or attractions I see as dangerous.” 

Airbags also offer more versatility and fun. “There is more versatility with airbags. Climbing walls, jump towers, slides, ladders —yes. They could be done on a foam pit to some extent, but airbags are more fun,” adds Hannes. 

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High-Quality Materials and Design 

Bagjump’s commitment to quality is evident in the materials and design of our products. Our airbags are crafted from durable materials that can handle the daily wear and tear of busy trampoline parks. 

The replaceable air pillars in our airbags are all about long-term solutions. Hannes emphasized, “We spend several years perfecting the design of all the individual parts – especially the internal parts of the airbags. We created the safest landing possible for the user. This combines materials, product design, and passion.” 

Making Things Easier for Operators 

Bagjump equipment isn’t just about safety and cleanliness—it also makes life easier for park operators. Instead of spending a lot of time and effort cleaning and maintaining foam pits, operators can rely on our durable, easy-to-use airbags. This lets park staff focus more on giving visitors a great experience and less on maintenance. 

“What operators need are long-term solutions that don’t cost them money and nerves to maintain,” Andi Winter said. “Not only that, but this also guarantees that their attractions can always stay open.” This reliability means visitors can enjoy their favorite attractions without worrying about closures. 

This is also where Bagjump stands out. Our patented air pillars, which can be fully replaced using a Velcro system, are another innovation that makes maintenance easier. “You can fully replace them without any help. Anyone can do it. You don’t need a professional. Making costs and fixing small issues easier,” explained Hannes. This innovation not only reduces maintenance time and costs but also ensures the longevity and safety of the equipment. 

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The Visitor Experience 

Encouraging Safe Thrills 

One of the key attractions of trampoline parks is the ability to try new tricks and stunts in a controlled environment. Bagjump airbags provide a safe landing surface that encourages visitors to push their limits without the fear of severe injury. This aspect of fun and safety working together is crucial for a memorable park experience. 

Andi mentions, “Airbags are not just a safety feature. They are part of the most fun attractions in trampoline parks, allowing visitors to try new things and overcome their fears in a fun, thrilling, and safe environment.” 

In trampoline parks, the quality of equipment is crucial for both safety and fun. While nothing is 100% safe, Bagjump’s innovative airbags offer a cleaner, safer, and more reliable alternative to traditional foam pits, benefiting both operators and visitors. As Andi said, the right equipment can transform a park, making it a go-to spot for fun and excitement while keeping safety standards high. 

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog post is for general informational purposes only and does not constitute professional safety advice. While we strive to offer accurate and up-to-date content, we make no representations or warranties about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability, or availability with respect to the information contained herein. The safety of trampoline park participants is the responsibility of the park operators and individual users. Always follow the specific safety guidelines provided by trampoline park operators and consult with a professional for any specific concerns regarding safety. Bagjump Action Sports GmbH and its affiliates are not liable for any injuries or damages arising from the use of trampoline parks.