How can we help?

How can we help?

Do you want to know more about our airbags and how they fit your needs? Or you’re curious about what makes our airbags so special? Got questions about prices, payments, or delivery times? Trouble with our products? No worries, we got your back! Check out the FAQ section below or hit us up directly. Our expert team is ready to help with anything you need.


And hey, if you’ve had some epic BAGJUMP experiences, we’d love to hear all about it, too!

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Contact us 24/7 by using the form. We’ll give our best to get back to you within a day if its a weekday enquiry.

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– European business hours, call us at +43 5223 21421
– North America or similar timezones, call us at +1 (310) 625-4258

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Everyone who likes to have fun and test their limits! Adrenalin seekers, professional and hobby athletes, snowboarders, bikers, stuntmen, skateboarders, FMX riders, gymnasts, ninja warriors, cheerleaders, climbers, and the list goes on.

We have installed more than 5,000 BAGJUMP Airbags worldwide so there will be one near you, no doubt. Email [email protected] with your details, preferred activity and location. We’ll search your vicinity and suggest options.

Absolutely – contact us with your challenge.

Yes, very much so. There are various ways to brand your airbag on the landing surface and on the sides. Just follow the artwork guidelines which you can download.
Please note BAGJUMP will assume no liability for incorrectly created and delivered artwork.
Any questions, just contact your BAGJUMP sales representative.

Yes, our airbag systems are usually built for continuous air flow- meaning the air blowers have to be on during operation.

We offer a pressure monitoring alarm for your peace of mind.

If there is a pressure drop below the minimum level please stop all jumping and close the airbag operation. Check your operations guidebook to detect issue. Still an issue? Contact your BAGJUMP sales representative or send us an email: [email protected].


All BAGJUMP airbags are manufactured in Europe with materials manufactured by HEYtex Germany.

We offer the following options for payments and down payments:
– Bank transfer
– Credit card (3.6% surcharge on the total sales price)
– ACH (Automated Clearing House, US customers only)
– Check (US customers only)

Bank: Tiroler Sparkasse Bank AG
Address: Sparkassenplatz 1, A-6020 Innsbruck, AUSTRIA
Holder: Bagjump Action Sports GmbH
IBAN: AT42 2050 3033 0181 6629BLZ
Routing No: 20503

Bank: City National Bank
Address: 400 N. Roxbury Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, USA
Holder: Bagjump Action Sports GmbH
Account: 123875036
Routing No: 122016066

Most of our BAGJUMP airbags are custom-supplied depending on client requests for shape, branding etc., which affects cost. Typically, BAGJUMP airbags begin at the €4,000 / $5,000 mark – contact our sales team for a consultation call and quote.

For purchasing, we require a down-payment of 50% for all airbags. Full payment is essential before shipment.

Contact your BAGJUMP sales representative or email us at [email protected]. That’s the fastest, easiest way to purchase any spare parts and materials you may desire.

Since BAGJUMP Airbags are usually part of a larger installation, our advice to all operators is to join your local trade association, e.g:

– Ski Area association like the NSAA
– Bicycle association
– IAAPA, The Global Association for the Attractions Industry
– International Association of Trampoline Parks

BAGJUMP products are compliant with all relevant corresponding national and international standards. Please note: some regional or local standards may affect the requirements which your product must observe.
Based upon your location and plans, we are happy to advise you which regulations should be taken into account. Just contact your BAGJUMP sales representative.

Yes – we operate a leasing programme for several of our product lines for clients with sufficient credit rating. Naturally, due diligence checks apply in this instance.
For choices, just contact your BAGJUMP sales representative or send us an email to [email protected].

You are welcome to replace your current BAGJUMP Airbag with a new one. BAGJUMP does not, however, operate any buy-back system. Talk to us about your reasons for upgrading and and we will find a workaround.
In most cases it is easiest and most economical to re-sell your current BAGJUMP Airbag locally. BAGJUMP offers a yearly inspection and maintenance service which keeps your BAGJUMP Airbag in optimal condition for re-sale. Where we have interested clients nearby, BAGJUMP are more than happy to connect you both.

Occasionally, yes. We put on special offers for slightly used or refurbished airbags from other customers. With that said, these usually sell very quickly: contact us to see what our current availability might be.

Absolutely. You’ll find BAGJUMP airbags on each and every continent.

Transportation costs depend on the product, final destination, form of transportation and chosen transportation route. Contact your BAGJUMP sales representative for a detailed breakdown of transportation costs.

Delivery is always as soon as possible: for standard-sized BAGJUMP warehoused airbags usually one week, custom-produced BAGJUMP airbags usually take 4-6 weeks depending on size, branding requirements and so on. This time may vary depending on the shipping method you select (e.g. road / sea-freight or air-freight), and your location.

Please note: the timeframes outlined assume reception by us of full project details (incl. confirmation of design) and required payment.

BAGJUMP can provide training courses on the following operational subjects:

– BAGJUMP Airbag installation / removal of the product
– Daily & monthly service procedures
– Visitor behaviour guidance
– Pressure Alarm and pressure measurement procedures
– Basic repair and maintenance
– Administrative procedures and logbook entries
– Cleaning recommendations

Book your check-up with your BAGJUMP sales representative directly or send us an email at [email protected].

All BAGJUMP airbags should be inspected for correct air pressure, tear damage, loose parts, etc. superficially each operational day and thoroughly monthly. Standard operating procedures are to be found in your operations manual including relevant safety regulations.

We recommend you book a yearly inspection by BAGJUMP or one of our service partners. To do so, just book a check-up with your BAGJUMP sales representative or send us a message via email to [email protected].

Follow our guidelines from the BAGJUMP airbag operations manual you receive alongside your airbag. Generally speaking, it is fine to use water with a non-aggressive cleaning agent – or, if outside, use a pressure washer.
No manual? Just get in touch with your BAGJUMP sales representative or contact us via email at [email protected].

Yes. The BAGJUMP Soft-Touch Topsheet is not a vital component of your airbag, merely optional.

This depends on the size and style of BAGJUMP airbag you use. Products installed by BAGJUMP are adjusted to meet the on-site requirements. The operational airbag pressure defined by the BAGJUMP installation personnel will be noted on the install report found in the hard copy of the operations manual which is handed to you upon installation. If you have further questions, check your manual or request a copy from your BAGJUMP sales representative.

Absolutely, please get in touch with your BAGJUMP sales representative or send an email to [email protected].
It is important to note that current standards both in the European Union and the United States stipulate the use of a pressure monitoring and alert system. For more info on this matter, contact us anytime.

Contact your BAGJUMP sales representative or email us at [email protected] with the name of your facility, order confirmation / invoice number, photos of your existing BAGJUMP airbag and any relevant contact information and we will get straight back to you.

Sure – just contact your BAGJUMP sales representative or email us at [email protected] with the name of your facility, order confirmation / invoice number and a photo of your BAGJUMP Airbag.

Start by asking each of them to read the BAGJUMP airbag operations manual. For in-person training, specify while booking a yearly inspection via your BAGJUMP sales representative or contact us via email at [email protected].

In the first instance, always refer to your BAGJUMP operations manual; if you have further questions contact your BAGJUMP sales representative or email us at [email protected] with the name of the facility, order confirmation/invoice number, and your contact information so we can reply to you immediately. Ideally send video, otherwise photos, of your issue. If you can’t assess the severity of the issue stop using the airbag immediately.

This indicates that air is somehow escaping and becoming trapped below the topsheet. Most times this means there is a tear in the airbag, or that one of the replaceable BAGJUMP air pillars has become disconnected. Simply remove the topsheet, identify the leak and repair. If you deploy your BAGJUMP Airbag in a pit then lack of side ventilation may be responsible for this incident.

If a dip is forming, it is likely to be between the BAGJUMP air pillars. The cause is usually broken toggle bungees which keep the topsheet tension even. Close your attraction, stop customers jumping and do as follows: Open the velcro between topsheet and side skirts and look under your topsheet. It should be simple to identify the issue and replace any broken toggle bungees. If you require spare toggle bungees contact your BAGJUMP sales representative or contact us via email at [email protected]. Please prepare the order confirmation / invoice number and relevant BAGJUMP airbag size so we can provide you with suitable replacement parts.

Check for screws which have come out of the wall. Wall-adapters should be attached with screws and washers every 30 cm / 12 inches.
Ensure screws are suitable for wall material.
Ensure pit walls are strong enough to support the impact caused by Airbag landings.
Determine whether you need a new wall-adapter: are there rips or have the screws damaged any material? Contact your BAGJUMP sales representative and order a new wall-adapter if necessary.

Get in touch with us and we find the best way to help you. If you’re in any way unsure how bad the damage is please stop using the airbag instantly. Take clear photos / videos of the issue and contact your BAGJUMP sales representative for better advice or send an email to [email protected]. If you can, please include the following information:

– Company name
– BAGJUMP order confirmation/invoice number and a photo of the serial plate (on one of the side walls of the main airbag)
– Photo / video of the situation. Ideally, video!
– Description of the situation

Quick Fix: Small tears can be patched with the PVC adhesive patches which come as part of the maintenance kit. In any eventuality, contact your BAGJUMP sales representative immediately so we can help.

Ensure the blower is placed properly on a flat surface. The air blower should not be surrounded by dust. Remove any obstacles which might block the air inlet or any material which may be sucked onto or into the air inlet. Turn off the blower and vacuum-clean the air inlet.
If that doesn’t revolve your issue, contact us via email at [email protected]. Ideally include the following information:

– Company name
– BAGJUMP order confirmation/invoice number and a photo of the serial plate (on one of the side walls of the main airbag)
– Photo / video of the situation. Ideally, video!
– Description of the situation

– Check the BAGJUMP operations manual section on pressure alarm trouble-shooting.
– Ensure all cables and pneumatic tubes are properly connected.
– Using two blowers? Ensure both are fully operational.
– Calibrate your product to the guidelines in your operations manual

If that doesn’t resolve your issue, contact your BAGJUMP sales representative or send us an email to [email protected].

Your BAGJUMP Airbag warranty period is 2 years. The warranty for wear & tear items such as topsheets, side skirts, blowers and toggle bungees is one year. BAGJUMP warranties against all defects in workmanship and materials of your BAGJUMP Airbag.

Invoke your warranty simply by returning the product to BAGJUMP no later than two years after the date of shipping (carry-in warranty).
With regards to defects caused by wear & tear, improper handling, storage or other acts or omissions by the customer or third parties, BAGJUMP will not be liable to the damage of the products.

The general Terms and Conditions of BAGJUMP Airbag Systems apply.

Yes, your BAGJUMP warranty coverage is worldwide.

Upon delivery, check packaging for damage. If you notice any damage, please note it and document it clearly with the transport company so you have proof of how the package was received.
Take pictures of your pallet before and after opening your delivery and send to us so that we can advise upon repair or swap, claims from the forwarder and other things.

Basic information is to be found in the back of your manual. Additional documentation is supplied on request. Contact your BAGJUMP sales representative with specific questions or send an email to us here at [email protected].

Please read, understand and follow these guidelines to help ensure the best results possible for your printed Bagjump SoftTouch Topsheet.