Airpit Standalone

Saving Lives while looking cool with BAGJUMP

We recently teamed up with SWATCBS and SONY on an intense episode of S.W.A.T. BAGJUMP® Airbags not only look great but provide the safest and softest landing of any product out there.

At BAGJUMP®, we pride ourselves at providing the best customer service to our customer. We were able to provide the production team at S.W.A.T a brand new BAGJUMP® bag in a total of 3 weeks from initial phone call to delivered on site for shooting.

We utilized our RESQ bag that is designed specifically for the application in the episode. Our RESQ bag which is designed for quick set up as a life-saving device for fire and rescue departments. With our Flame Retardant and Puncture proof construction, our BAGJUMP® products are ideal for all applications.

Check out the clip from @SWATCBS Season 4, Episode 16.