Bike Landings

BAGJUMP® Bike Landings

Bring your BAGJUMP® Bike Landing wherever you go and session it with your friends or practice safely for your next competition! Setting the standards once again, we are proud to introduce the newly designed BAGJUMP® Bike Landings! 

Watch rider Daniel Ruso explain all the benefits of these game changing portable landings! With the new patented shape, truly unique, smooth landing feel as well as the Bagjump “No-Bounce Formula” these inflated airbag landings stand out from the rest! The resi-like Topsheet works perfectly smooth for Bikes as well as Skate and Scooter with small wheels and can still be a adjusted from soft, when practicing a new trick, to hard when you need the maximum resistance in your landing but without getting a bounce!

Key Features of the BAGJUMP® Bike Landings:

Session it anywhere

No dirt needed

Setup within minutes

Easy and light to transport

Internal blower

Velcro bannering system

Patented new shape

Patented materials from HeyTEX® Germany

Produced in the EU Packs down small and easy to transport.

Just set the Bike Landing up wherever and whenever you like without the need of digging dirt landings. Ideal to set-up in your back yard!


The Bike Landings can be setup by 1-2 people within a matter of minutes. Rock up to a spot and have your entire setup ready in under 5 minutes! For a clean look and functionality the blower is located inside the Landings to provide you a true plug & play experience! This new patented shape with slanted backside and smooth transitions provides the best landing experience on an airbag landing by far!

Available Sizes:

SMALL: 5,00 x 3,50 x 1,50 m // 16.4’ x 11.5’ x 4,9’

SMALL with extended outrun: 6,25x3,50x1,50m // // 20.5’x11.5’x4.9’

MEDIUM: 7,00 x 3,50 x 2,00 m // 23’ x 11.5’ x 6,56’

MEDIUM with extended outrun: 7,60x3,50x2,00m // 25’x11.5’x6,56’

LARGE: 8,50 x 4,00 x 2,50 // 27.8’ x 13’ x 8.2’

LARGE with extended outrun: 9,25x4,00x2,50m // 30.3’x13’x8.2’ Set

Prices starting as low as 3.500.-€* (*Net prices including: Airbag with Bike/FMX Topsheet, internal blower)