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The 10 Largest Trampoline Parks in the World 

 Would you like to reach the sky? These are some of the largest and most impressive trampoline parks in the world. 

Bagjump and trampoline parks – a beautiful combination of safety and exhilaration. We’re passionate about ensuring every jump is both safe and thrilling, while these parks bring joy to people of all ages. What’s not to love? 

For this week’s blog post, we want to highlight some of the largest trampoline parks around the world. Whether indoor, outdoor, or a combination, if you can jump there, it’s on our list. 

We’re happy to support these parks, and while not all of them have Bagjump bags (yet!), we’re excited to showcase their facilities and maybe inspire you to visit a trampoline park soon. 

Here are the 10 largest trampoline parks in the world – according to our research. 

Best trampoline parks in the world


  1. Flip Out Glasgow
  • Location: Glasgow, Scotland 
  • Size: Around 63,000 square feet (5,852 square meters) 
  • Website: Flip Out Glasgow 


Flip Out Glasgow isn’t just the world’s largest trampoline park; it’s an adventure haven for trampoline park regulars as well as for first-timers. 

With interconnected trampolines that seemingly stretch forever, foam pits to dive into, and a ninja warrior course to test your agility, Flip Out guarantees excitement at every turn. 

The atmosphere is vibrant and buzzing, with dedicated sections for dodgeball and basketball dunking, allowing you to unleash your inner athlete. Plus, for those aiming to stay fit, the park offers challenging and enjoyable fitness classes.  

Flip Out Glasgow

Source: Instagram

  1. Upla
  • Location: Mont-Saint-Grégoire, Canada (around 40 km from Montreal) 
  • Size: Around 63,000 square feet (5,852 square meters) 
  • Website: Upla Montreal 


Competing for the title of the largest trampoline park in the world (not even we know for sure which one is larger), Upla is not just big. It really stands out from the rest. 

As the only outdoor park on this list, Upla is the perfect destination for bouncing through interconnected trampolines and feeling like Indiana Jones while doing it. 

The park features dedicated areas for trampoline fitness classes, making it an ideal spot for those seeking to combine fun with a workout. Whether you’re planning a family outing or looking to challenge your friends, Upla offers an unforgettable adventure. 

Inside Tip: Don’t miss the Upla Night Experience, as it’s the only park that opens at night. Bring your luminous bracelets, jump under the stars, and let your imagination run wild. 

Upla in Montreal

Source: Instagram


  1. Airhop Bristol
  • Location: Bristol, UK 
  • Size: Around 50,000 square feet (4,645 square meters) 
  • Website: Airhop Bristol 


 Previously known as an Altitude Trampoline Park, Airhop Bristol holds a special place in the hearts of many as one of the largest and most entertaining parks in the UK.  

Here, you can hop from trampoline to trampoline, dive into foam pits, and conquer the ninja warrior course. The park also features zones for dodgeball and basketball dunking, perfect for those looking to ask their friends for a friendly competition.  

Perfect for a birthday party, a group event, or just a day of fun, Airhop Bristol delivers an action-packed experience and is a great place for you to test our Bagjump airbags. 

Altitude Trampoline Park


  1. Altitude Trampoline Park Spring-Klein
  • Location: Houston, Texas, USA 
  • Size: 55,000 square feet (5,110 square meters) 
  • Website: Altitude Houston 


Altitude is already known for having giant trampoline parks all across the USA, and Houston’s Altitude Trampoline Park is one of the coolest and largest in the Americas.  

This trampoline park offers a massive open jump area, foam pits for safe landings, and a ninja warrior course to test your skills. Dodgeball courts and basketball dunk zones add to the excitement.  

This is another park where Bagjump airbags play a big role in providing safety, and we couldn’t be more proud of that. 


Source: Website


  1. BOUNCEinc Tingalpa
  • Location: Brisbane, Australia 
  • Size: 55,000 square feet (5,110 square meters) 
  • Website: BounceInc Brisbane 


Finally! Australia is on the map. As the largest trampoline park in Australia, BounceInc in Brisbane offers a very particular escape from the ordinary in this part of the world. The facility is beautiful and is considered a haven for adrenaline junkies and casual jumpers alike.  

The park features an array of trampolines that stretch across the floor, foam pits for safe landings, and, like most parks on this list, a ninja warrior course. It also has a zone for dodgeball and slam dunking, so get ready to show your skills. 

Sky Zone Corvina

Source: Instagram

  1. Sky Zone Covina
  • Location: Covina, California, USA 
  • Size: 50,000 square feet (4,645 square meters) 
  • Website: Sky Zone Covina 


Sky Zone in Covina is a landmark in the trampoline park scene. This park is known for its extensive size and variety of activities. It is one of the largest trampoline parks in the world, and thanks to our Bagjump products, Sky Zone Covina offers a safe and exhilarating environment for everyone.  

The main attraction is the vast trampoline court, where you can bounce freely and practice flips. Foam pits and dodgeball arenas add to the fun, while the ninja warrior course and basketball dunk lanes provide additional challenges. 

With a focus on safety and fun, Sky Zone Covina is perfect for families, fitness classes, and group events. 

Bounce Inc Bangkok

Source: Instagram

  1. Bounce Inc Bangkok
  • Location: Bangkok, Thailand 
  • Size: 50,000 square feet (4,645 square meters) 


As the largest trampoline park in Asia, Bounce Inc in Bangkok offers the perfect experience for trampoline lovers in this part of the world. Like most Bounce Inc parks around the world, this trampoline park in Bangkok features a gigantic trampoline arena, foam pits, and an exciting but demanding ninja warrior course.  

Dodgeball courts and slam dunk zones provide additional entertainment, ensuring there’s something for everyone. 

Bounce Inc Bangkok

Source: Instagram

  1. AirHop Guildford
  • Location: Guildford, UK 
  • Size: 45,000 square feet (4,180 square meters) 
  • Website: AirHop Guildford 


AirHop in Guildford is one of Europe’s largest trampoline parks and a popular attraction for locals and visitors in this part of the UK. The trampoline park is designed to provide a variety of activities for people of all ages. 

 Interconnected trampolines create a vast jumping area, while foam pits offer safe landings for flips and tricks. 


Source: Instagram

  1. Altitude Trampoline Park Tampa


Being part of the Altitude group means something in terms of quality and fun. So yes! the Tampa park offers everything you want as a trampoline lover. Known for its well-organized events and strong emphasis on safety, the park offers fitness programs, family nights, and birthday party packages.  

Go and explore its large open jump area, try new tricks at the foam pits, and test your strength on the ninja course. One thing is for sure! It won’t be boring.  

Altitude Tampa

Source: Instagram

  1. Rush Trampoline Park
  • Location: Claremont, South Africa 


Even though there are still some parks larger than this one, we had to include a trampoline park in Africa in this list. This is the largest trampoline park in this part of the world and a very popular place to visit for families and trampoline enthusiasts.  

Like most parks in this list, Rush Trampoline Park features many different types of trampolines, foam pits, dodgeball courts, and a ninja warrior course. Are you ready to test your limits? 

Rush Trampoline Park

Source: Instagram

Of course, we also want to acknowledge that there might be other massive trampoline parks out there. If you know of any that deserve to be on this list, we would love to hear from you and include them in our future updates.