You’ve probably heard about it, seen it on Instagram or Facebook, or you are an enthusiastic FMX rider yourself. From Nitro Circus stars like Travis Pastrana to other FMX stars like Kyle Demelo, Tom Pages, Josh Sheenan, Harry Bink, Adam Jones and Libor Podmol, they’ve all tested our new Inflated Landing and are thrilled! 



The new Inflated Landing is a game changer for FMX ramp technology. This portable landing will not only save you countless of hours in set up and tear down time compared to a scaffold/dirt setup, but will also save you huge amounts of storage space when traveling around. It is pressure adjustable so you can make it extremely firm, but also adjust it softer for some more forgiving practice sessions better than any resi.

Check out what Kyle Demelo has to say about the FMX scene and the massive progress in this sport …


You can also place a landing bag on top for a perfect risk reduced practice. With our moonbooter wedge you can adjust the landing angle and height to allow usage of different take off ramps in the same show. The landing is completely adjustable to different angles and heights in a matter of minutes.



For more information go on the Landing Bag site or contact us!