The Jaguar Barrel Roll stunt performed by professional stunt driver was something for the books… for the Guinness book of records that is!

After having a highly modified muscle car do the barrel roll in the 70s in the James Bond movie „The man with the golden gun“, Jaguar thought they could do it bigger and further than in the 70s with their newly developed SUV. So they called us at Bagjump knowing we would deliver them the custom airbag they would need to make this a reality.

Just a few weeks later the first jumps were underway at Santa Pod raceway in the UK. After months of training into the custom Bagjump airbag and rolling the new Jaguar E-Pace numerous times in the bag without damaging it, it was time to pull the bag away and go to a dirt landing. In the beginning of this project, it was the guys from Vehico with their robot searing the car and making sure the trajectory is right and the car does the proper roll before having Terry Grant try it.

Gerry was pretty excited to jump the new Jaguar E-Pace into the airbag since it was extremely soft it just felt like a rollercoaster. After a failed attempt to dirt the front was a bit bent which caused the car to cut the Topsheet at the final jump into the Bagjump before heading over to dirt again.