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You have come to the right place for the inventor and manufacturer of the worlds leading and most innovative airbag systems.

We are the partner of choice for both small businesses and large scale projects at the forefront of innovation, whether you are looking for an airbag foam pit replacement in your trampoline park or gymnastics facility, aiming to do record breaking stunts like Travis Pastrana into a big freestyle airbag, or are looking for a custom airbag solution for an extreme sport, movie stunt or industry application.

Jaguar Barrel Roll Stunt airbag – behind the scenes

The Jaguar Barrel Roll stunt performed by professional stuntdriver Terry Grant was something for the books… for the Guiness book of records that is! After having a highly modified muscle car do the barrel roll in the 70s in the James Bond movie „The man with the...

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BAGJUMP BIKE Landing Bag @ Masters of Dirt in Vienna

With the upcoming Masters of Dirt Tour 2017 this weekend ( we are happy to announce that our BAGJUMP Bike Landing Bag will join the team for more progression and safety from now on. A neatless integration in their amazing show programme...

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Doors open at the SKILLSPARK in Winterthur/Switzerland. Freestyle enthusiast from all over Europe are gathering for fun and progression in the brand new freestyle sports venue. All sports from bikes, scooters, skateboard to trampolining are covered indoors in the...

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